What Is House Music Genre?

What is house music genre?

Well, this may be the question on your mind if you have heard people talk about house music but you do not understand what genre of music it is.


It is an electronic dance music style that was established Chicago, IL, in the 1980s.

It eventually spread to Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit and Miami.

It made its way into the main stream across the world in the 1990s.

The Sound of House Music

equalizer-255396_1280The house music sound consists of many drum and rhythm elements.

The sound is very comparable to most synthetic sounds as well as bass that are common in other genres with very slight differences.

Most people love listening to this kind of music in the nightclubs or at home.

It hardly has lyrics, and if it has, the lyrics can be very difficult to comprehend.

It is strongly influenced by funk music as well as soul-infused types of disco.

Popular House Tracks

As of now, countless house tracks have been released. The following are some of the most popular ones to date.

  1. The Whistle Song by Frankie Knuckles

This house track was released in 1991. It greatly contributed to the introduction of house music into the mainstream.

It is a fluid based track that features a mellow and deep groove and is imminently danceable.

It had all elements that defined house music in the 90s, including the simple drum beat and the bass line.

Frankie knuckles surely provided a foundation for a lot of house tracks.

  1. Vogue by Madonna

Pop star Madonna also embraced house music sound when it is was still very fresh.

Vogue was an enormous house track that topped charts back in the day, and it is still a popular song up to date.

It has a lot of rhythm and drum elements that are common to house music combined with a pop-oriented song structure as well as dynamic changing vocals.

  1. Pump Up The Jam by Technetronic

piano-1166561_1920This house music track became a huge hit in 1989. It scored a platinum record in the United States and secured a number two spot on British charts.

It comprises a searing vocal, unbeatable bass track and hard-hitting synth lines.

It played a huge part in helping legitimize house music genre in the 1990s.

Just like rock and pock, house music is not a genre for everyone.

If you are interested in trying it, you need to be ready to dedicate enough time to learn and understand it.

Nowadays, there are lot of fusion genres including electro house and tech house. This music style is celebrated annually at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

The best dance music videos of all time

The best dance music videos of all time.

dance-430554_1920Sometimes it can be great to watch your favorite music videos.

However, it can get boring to look at a standard level performance videos, where the performance is just a band performing or a small garage performance or an expensive pool party video shootout.

It can be great to deviate from the norm and perform an incredible piece that will change people perception on music videos as art.

Below is a list of the best dance music videos of all time.


  • Thriller

Michael Jackson is well known for his greatness in dancing. In this video, he created his creativity, and the music was also compiled very well.

This video is always played at some point of drunkenness at every Halloween. The video is pretty good, and the beats
are just great.

-Sprawl 2 (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire.

This pop gem has a lot of wild dancing. The video has people falling, busting loose and heads banging in a trippy dance sequence.

All this on a football field and is conducted by Régine Chassagne, she is dressed like a sparkly pompom.

  • Bye bye bye by n Sync

Sync are pretty hot at the time of producing this video. Their dance moved made them very hot. The video is just a YouTube phenomenon and had several thousands of views. It was like the craftiest dance and art project of all times. The choreography was excellent.


  • Run the world (Girls) by Beyoncé

This video pulled Beyoncé out on all the stops. The video expresses her as unleashing full–on warfare on gender through the nicely crafted dance, and the girls were definitely on the winning side. They had a lot of energy and attitude, the moves she makes on that video can land people in the hospital.

  • Like a boy by Ciara

In this video, Ciara appears to be so dominating, and she is not afraid to take the risks as she dances along.

plays the role of a dancer and a sexy female dance then, later on, a laid back male dancer.

She comes out so high that she wants to tell people that she just came to entertain people.


Sometimes when you sit back and watch the best dance music videos of all time, you get to appreciate music as art.

Some of them are made with creative choreography, and each of them has a unique aspect that makes it an interesting video to watch.

Most of the old times beat still hit the charts until today because they just whip everyone into a frenzy and we all want to watch them again and again.…