Room Escape Los Angeles Review And Comparison With Other Games

Room Escape Los Angeles is an excellent, team building and player coordination game that allows participants to be involved in a real life game. Participants are given the choice to play one of the four available real life games where they are required to use the elements of the room to find clues and finish the puzzle. For the entire length of 60 minutes of the game, players are locked inside a certain room and with coordination and interaction, they unearth clues, join those clues and successfully complete the puzzle which results in the opening of the room door.

Room Escape Los Angeles Review

Since the inauguration of Room Escape Los Angetg23ef235t236ey27u28i292les, it has been an amazing success as it is not just a game for fun but offers more. It also allows teams, consisting of family members, friends, and co-workers to understand the situation, help each other, stand up and get counted and finally integrate to resolve a difficult situation. These fundamentals of the game are the most positive aspect of it Apart from enjoying the feel of four different situations; players can use their creativity and mind skills to enjoy incredible synchronization amongst each other.

Other similar games

As we have finished our overall Room Escape Los Angeles review, now let’s review the games available. It is important to note that Room Escape Los Angeles only allows 2-6 players in a single room at a time, and no player should be below the age of 10.

Central Bank

The group of players is set up as professional thieves, and their task is to break the bank. Considered as a bank robbery, it is conducted in darkness but due to the complexity of the game, it only has a 36% success rate.

Cold War Bunker

The purpose of the game is to deactivate a nuclear launch which has been activated by a rival soldier. Pictured as a situation of war, this assignment can have two teams going head to head in two separate bunkers to nullify the bomb. Requires the players to use their warring techniques and mind skills to complete the task as generally the success rate is only 46%.

Zombie Lab

With the lowest shnjm23ed5t2e6y27u282i92uccess rate of only 31%, Zombie Lab is one of the toughest game as found out during our Room Escape Los Angeles review. The teams are a group of scientists heading to Moscow to find the cure for a new deadly disease that is turning people into senseless zombies.

Prison Break

The only game where the door is open at all times in case a player wants to leave because of the nature of the game. During the room escape los angeles review, this task turned out to be one of the most complicated. The players are inmates in a prison where they have to escape as the entire prison has gone into a disarray due to a riot. The police will bring the situation under control in one hour, so …