Best Investigative and Crime TV Shows

When it comes to investigative and crime shows, there is always an argument on the best shows. The truth is there it is sometimes difficult to rank these TV shows. You can download top tv shows free and watch your best shows. Shows maybe well ranked and when you go to watch it you are left wondering why it was ranked best in the first place.

The best way to enjoy a show is to try and watch as many as possible and then you will decide on what is best for you. Investigative and crime TV shows have that aspect that keeps you wanting more due to suspense.

Top investigative and crime shows


Quantico is a rather new TV show still in the first episode but it is already gaining popularitydfhfjsdhfksjhfs and more viewers. This is an FBI-based TV show but with a twist. If you are not keen, you might get confused in the middle of all the drama.

It is set if a form of a flash back where we are taken back from current events where terrorist have bombed the set. The show keeps alternating between the current events and back where a class of FBI agents may have planned the terrorist attack. This show is all about suspense and drama.


This is another FBI based show that features a house in Graceland. The house in Graceland is made up of FBI undercover agents who work together to apprehend drug dealers and human traffickers. This is one of the most interesting movies as the agents passes through various risky situations as undercover cops.

This show explains the importance of team work, friendship, and conflicts that may occur in the workplace. It also shows how interesting and difficult it can be for adults living in the same house.

Criminal Mfdjdsjfbsmfsfinds

This a TV show that has been in existence for more than a decade but viewers still remain glued to the screen every time. This show features a team of FBI behavioral analysis unit that help solve crimes by studying the behavior of criminals.

Each member of the team is gifted in different aspects and brings different strengths in the team. In every episode of the TV show, the team is faced with a new crime to solve but at the end of the show they solve a crime and the criminals are put into justice.…