The Best Movie Of All Time

film-1155439_1920In the world of movies, different producers and directors develop top movies that leave a legacy.

Fr a movie to be considered worth watching, it either stars a highly rated actor, or is done by a renowned producer or director.

There are some big names in the movie world, which has dominated for many years. For instance, in the world of fantasy-based movies, some movies like Snow Whiteo
have dominated the scenes, even getting a refurbishment in a modern version.

With many movies made over the years, what is the best movie ever made in the history of the world?

orson-welles-393748_1280Citizen Kane

Many critics have raised issued about this movie, that was made many years ago, but it is considered the best movie ever made.

The movie revolves through the life of a man. All the weaknesses and hurts of the man is displayed professionally in the movie.

The man is surrounded by witnesses that recall him, but are not able to describe him.

There is a word, Rosebud, which is the emblem of childhood innocence, hope, and security. This is what Charles Foster Kane, also known as Citizen Kane, is trying to regain. The name is branded on a sled that Charles used to have when he was young.

After it was initially released, the movie faded from the spotlight. Nonetheless, it was recognized in Europe in countries like, France.

The spread of the movie allows the American audiences to rediscover it and this made it a leading movie around the world.

Ever since it hit back in the movie scenes in America, the movie has been classified as the best movie of all time.

One thing that makes this movie worth watching is the fact that it illustrates how the happiness and pain of a man is not found in the big stuff.william-randolph-hearst-393747_1280

Rather, it is found in the minor defeats or victories of childhood. That implies that the childhood life of a person is more important than what they achieve later on
in the future. This is depicted when Citizen Kane attempts to save the burning word, Rosebud, which is embossed on his childhood sledge.

The word is almost like a determinant of Kane’s happiness, success, securities, and hope. As the search and pursuit of the word is underway, it makes the movie more intense and worth watching.

It is a movie that was made in the early 90s, but it still holds the position as the best movie of all times.

So what is the best movie ever made in the history of the world?

Apparently, Citizen Kane takes the lead.